The Advantages of Corded Phones

Updated February 21, 2017

As more and more people abandon landline telephones for cell phones, the advantages of a corded phone may be hard to think of. However, corded phones, which were a fixture in most homes for much of the 20th century, still have certain advantages over mobile phones that make them a better option for some customers.


One of the biggest advantages of a corded phone is its low cost. Basic landline phone service generally costs less than even a low-cost cell phone plan. For families, paying for a single line and installing corded phones in each room is more cost effective than buying cell phones and a service plan that is sufficient for the entire family. The cost of a corded phone handset is also much less than all but the least-expensive cell phones.


Service reliability is a key reason why many people keep a corded phone. According to a survey conducted by telecommunications company Verizon, 94 per cent of participants who plan to use a landline in the future felt that reliability was the most important factor in making their decision. Corded phones don't suffer from the dropped calls and variations in service coverage that cell phones do.


Corded phones also have an advantage over cell phones when it comes to supplying them with power. Because they receive their power directly from the telephone lines, a corded phone never needs recharging, which cell phones often require. With a corded phone there's no need to purchase replacement batteries or charging cables.

In addition, corded phones will function even in the event of a power outage, making them a reliable means of contacting emergency services. This is only true of corded phones; even cordless landline phones need power from a wall outlet to function. Cell phones will fail to work whenever the closest service towers are without power.

Sound Quality

Corded phones also deliver the best overall sound quality, with little or no distortion from other radio or phone signals in the area. A corded phone usually has a larger speaker than a cell phone, giving it the ability to produce higher volumes and a greater sonic range. Add-on accessories can make a corded phone loud enough for someone with poor hearing to place a call, which would be impossible with a cell phone.

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