Burgundy & Ivory Wedding Decoration Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Decorating for a wedding can be a challenging task, but is also an ideal way to express your taste and preferences. If you're preparing for your big day, and love the colours burgundy and ivory, you can use several combinations of these hues to create beautiful wedding scenery.

Wedding Chapel Decorations

Tie alternating burgundy and ivory satin velvet or satin ribbons into large bows and attach them to the ends of each pew. Use an ivory wedding arch to decorate the space where you and your spouse will exchange your vows, and intertwine burgundy ribbon into the arch to add colour. Purchase large ivory vases and fill them with flowers like red poppies or gardenias. Of course, you can always use red roses for this part of the decor, or burgundy vases filled with white roses. Place the vases in the corners of the room (depending on how large the chapel is) or in the front of the church at either end of the arch. Use an ivory aisle runner--attach thinner pieces of burgundy ribbon to the edges of the runner so that the item is tailored to your colour scheme.

Reception Decorations

Decorate the reception tables with burgundy tablecloths, using white roses and baby's breath in clear glass vases for the centrepiece. Ivory china will look especially appealing against the burgundy fabric, so choose ivory charger plates with burgundy trim, as well as ivory dinner plates and saucers. Place burgundy wedding favour boxes on top of each ivory plate to further display the colour contrast. Adorn the ceiling with long pieces of burgundy and ivory satin or tulle; wrap the two colours around each other to resemble a candy cane, and drape the large pieces across the ceiling. Use an ivory tablecloth for the head table, and burgundy dishes. Display a large bouquet of red roses with baby's breath at the centre of the table, or sprinkle red rose petals on the head table.

Burgundy and Ivory Outdoor Wedding

Tie large burgundy bows around ivory chairs for the guests to sit in. Purchase a burgundy aisle runner (this will look great against green grass), and have the flower girl sprinkle white rose petals down the aisle. Use candle stands that are painted burgundy or ivory, and feature large candles of the opposite colour; place the stands on either side of the vow exchange area. Cover your wedding arch with burgundy fabric, and use burgundy and white flower bouquets to accent the ends of the arch. Use small ivory pillars to accent the four "corners" of the wedding space. Wrap burgundy ribbon around them, or place a burgundy poppy flower arrangement at the top of each pillar.

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