Ideas for decorating a giraffe cake

Updated November 21, 2016

Create a giraffe cake to top off a zoo or safari themed party or to celebrate the birthday of someone who loves these long-necked animals. Whether you decorate a small cake with an giraffe print icing or create a large giraffe cake to feed a crowd, simple cake decorating techniques will ensure that you impress your guests.

Giraffe animal print

Prepare a giraffe print icing or fondant to cover your cake. You have several options available when it comes to creating giraffe print. If you are in a rush, cut irregular shaped spots from brown fondant rolled approximately 3 mm (1/8 inch) thin and press the spots gently into fresh yellow or white frosting on the cake. Another option is to cover the cake with yellow fondant and press the brown fondant spots onto the cake. If the spots do not adhere to the cake, brush the back of each spot with a small amount of water. The damp fondant will cling to the cake. Another method is painting spots onto a fondant covered cake using a clean paintbrush and gel or paste food colouring.

Giraffe face cake

You can use a round pan to create a giraffe face cake or a shaped animal pan. Wilton offers an animal crackers cake pan which can be used to create a giraffe, lion, pig or many other animals. Cover the baked cake with icing or fondant to mimic the giraffe's spots. Place eyes onto the giraffe cake with black icing or use two black jelly beans or round candies. Giraffe forms are easily created with chocolate taffy. Roll one piece of taffy into a ball and place it on top of another piece of taffy rolled into a small cylinder. The sweets should stick together but you can use a small amount of frosting to attach them if they fall apart.

Large giraffe cake

Building a full body giraffe from cake is not easy for a home baker considering the giraffe's long, skinny legs and neck. Instead of trying to pile up small rounds of cake which could topple over, construct the cake from crisp rice cereal treats. While the treats are warm and pliable, you can shape them into the body of a giraffe. Once the treats cool and harden, you can decorate your giraffe cake with icing and fondant just as you would a baked cake. With a fondant animal print covering, none of your guests will realise the impressive giraffe cake is a no-bake cereal treat until you serve it.

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