Famous People From Berlin, Germany

Updated November 21, 2016

Today, Germany is a leader in the global economy and a powerful science centre, collecting more than 80 Nobel Prizes, according to the website Europe Cities. It is also a country of high art and culture, with a past of great philosophers and artists, some born in the capital Berlin.

Georg Simmel

Georg Simmel was a sociologist, and author of "The Philosophy of Money," "The Metropolis and Mental Life" and "The Stranger." He was born in Berlin to a large Jewish family, on March 3, 1858, but was raised under the Catholic faith. In 1903, he was a co-founder of the German Society for Sociology. Simmel wrote hundreds of articles and about 20 books before dying from cancer on September 1918, according to Europe Cities.

Marlene Dietrich

The internationally famous actress Marlene Dietrich, born on December 27, 1901, in Berlin-Schoneberg as Marie Magdalene Dietrich, according to the website Marlene.

She began her career in Berlin in the 1920s, becoming famous after the 1931 film "The Blue Angel," according to the Eyewitness Travel Guide to Germany. Her last film performance happened in 1975, in "A Gigolo." She died in Paris on May 6, 1992, according to the website Marlene.

George Grosz

George Grosz was an expressionist artist born in Berlin in 1893. In 1918 he joined the Communist Party, and in the following year, became a contributor to the Berlin dada movement, according to German Expressionism. During the period before 1923, Grosz produced critical portrayals of contemporary society, becoming famous for both his art and his political views against the Nazi party. In 1932, Grosz was forced to leave Nazi Germany for the United States, where he became an American citizen in 1938, according to Spartacus Educational. He died in 1959.

Alexander von Humboldt

Alexander von Humboldt was a scientist born on Sept. 14, 1769, in Berlin, according to Art Directory. He published articles on volcanism, muscle and nerve stimulation, plants and galvanism (muscular contraction stimulated by electric current). He also took photometric measurements of the southern stars, when travelling to South America, and explained why sound is amplified at night, according to Science Encyclopedia.

Charles Darwin described Humboldt as the greatest scientific traveller of his time. He died on May 6, 1859 in Berlin, according to Art Directory.

Nastassja Kinski

The actress was born on Jan. 24, 1961, in West Berlin, daughter of the famous German actor Klaus Kinski, according to the website Tribute. She received the German Outstanding Individual Achievement Award at the age of 13, for her role in the 1974 film "False Movement." In 1980, she received the Golden Globe for Best Actress in the French movie "Tess," directed by Roman Polanski. Her last films were "The Claim," "Town and Country" and "An American Rhapsody," all from 2001.

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