Black Swan Tattoo Ideas

Written by kj constance
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Black Swan Tattoo Ideas
Black swans are rare, beautiful creatures that can serve as inspiration for your next tattoo. (Black Swan image by johnaalex from

Swans are graceful creatures that are revered for their beauty, purity and melodic singing ability. Black swans are rarer, residing primarily in Australia, distinguishable by their dark feathers and bright red and white beaks. They are even featured on both the flag and coat of arms of Western Australia, recognised as the state bird. Express yourself by commemorating this majestic animal permanently on your body with an artistically designed black swan tattoo.

Dual Swans

For a beautiful swan tattoo with deeper meaning, have two swans intertwined with one another. For a romantic twist, have the bodies face each other, curved in mirroring angles, almost in a circle-like shape. To contrast the individual swans, have one swan white outlined in black while the other is black outlined in white, creating a yin-yang symbol. Allow their graceful long S-curved necks to wrap around each other with their heads and beaks pointed toward each other, representing a loving kiss. If you aren't feeling romantically-inclined, the two swans could be engaged in a fight, representing either a lovers' quarrel or even an internal battle that you wish to represent.

Tribal Swan Band

The graceful and distinguishable body of a swan is an excellent shape for a tribal band-style tattoo that can wrap around one of your arms, legs or even neck. Simplicity is the important key; meaning that you or your tattoo artist needs to create a black shape that is both easy to decipher at a quick glance and easy to repeat in a wraparound pattern. Make sure the S-curve of the neck is obvious with the beak facing downward, the typical stance of a black swan, and that each swan has a small eye, which can be left un-inked and flesh-tone. The swans can connect by the tips of their tail feathers or by adding a curved stroke-like extension that provides extra space between each bird.

Black Swan Theory

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a well-known finance professor and former Wall Street trader, coined the term "Black Swan Theory" which is an event or occurrence that deviates beyond what is normally expected of a situation and that would be extremely difficult to predict. Much like how the Europeans from centuries ago were shocked to find there were more than just white swans in the world, the "Black Swan Theory" is a theory that deals with the undirected and unpredicted. If you are employed in the financial world or have a deep interest in the subject, be unpredictable and create a tattoo that represents both money and the black swan. The S-curved neck of the black swan is similar to a dollar sign, so blend the shapes for an artistic representation. The black neck and head could be outlined in green or gold, representing money. For a more obvious approach, add a thin vertical line that cuts through the swan's head and neck, and have the swan's body positioned to represent a money bag, with gold coins falling out, creating a bed for the swan to rest upon.

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