Taping Techniques for Morton's Neuroma

Written by vanessa newman | 13/05/2017
Taping Techniques for Morton's Neuroma
Morton;s Neuroma causes toe pain and burning. (toes image by Sandra Henderson from Fotolia.com)

Morton's Neuroma (plantar neuroma) is a condition in which an inflamed nerve or fibrous tumour between the toes causes burning or aching pain and numbness. The result is discomfort, reduced activity and lack of competition time for athletes. Treatments include surgery, arch supports, comfortable shoes, cortisone injections, stretching and taping techniques. Tape applied to the right area is a simple and effective way to minimise pain and prevent additional injury for this condition.

Transverse Arch

One simple technique to reduce the pain from Morton's Neuroma is to do transverse arch taping. This technique attempts to take weight-bearing pressure off the affected area. The Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute recommends it. You gently hold the front of the foot and add tape across the plantar region of the foot. Every day you must retape the foot for about a week to 10 days for maximum benefit.

Medial Longitudinal Arch

This technique reduces extension of the midtarsal joints according to athleticadvisor.com. It also supports the arch. Since weak arches can contribute to Morton's Neuroma, it can be effective at prohibiting further injury. This technique uses anchor tape on the bottom of the foot with additional tape wrapped around the ankle. To see the technique, visit athleticadvisor.com/Injuries.

Functional Fascial

Functional fascial taping is a technique which aims to improve range of motion and limit pain. It was developed by Ron Alexander, a soft tissue therapist, and was originally used for ballet dancers. The technique eliminates pain and allowed the dancers to practice. Tape is placed in a way so that the foot is maintained in a functional range of motion. This supposedly minimises contraction and development of fibrous fascia. While other techniques attempt to eliminate using the affected area, this one promotes normal foot placement and movements.


Another technique is to tape padding (moleskin) on the ball of your foot, which can soften your step and reduce Morton's Neuroma pain. You can also tape padding with adhesive tape between toes according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, for pain reduction or to lessen irritation. Although the padding only addresses the symptoms of this condition, you may appreciate the relief.

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