Hotel Rooms Inspector Checklist

Updated April 17, 2017

Hotel inspectors rate hotels, using checklists to look for specific items. Hotels are rated for their services, cleanliness and facilities. Inspectors might review customer complaints, occupancy records and even supervising cleaning personnel. Inspectors are often trained in property management and/or hospitality management.


Hotel inspectors check the cleanliness of rooms. They check to see whether the room is handicapped-accessible. They look to see whether the carpet has been vacuumed and whether the tables, TV and windows have been wiped clean. They look for tears and rips in the carpeting. They check to see whether bed linens are fresh and clean and that the beds have been made with no wrinkles. They inspect beds for hairs, stains and bugs. They check drawers for leftover items and trash. Inspectors even look to see whether curtains operate correctly.


Hotel inspectors check bathrooms for cleanliness. They check to see whether the bathroom is handicapped-accessible. They check for hair on the floor, in the bathtub and on the toilet. They look for cracked or broken tiles, and urine and faeces stains in toilets. They check towels for stains and hairs. They check for soap build-up in sinks and bathtubs, as well as hair and stains on shower curtains.

Hotel Accommodations and Services

Inspectors check to see whether hair dryers, coffeemakers, alarm clocks, irons, phones and other specific amenities are offered to guests. They check to see whether the hotel has a conference room for meetings, room service, a swimming pool, fitness centre, restaurant and complimentary breakfast.

Grounds and Exterior

Inspectors check to see whether a hotel's exterior walls are free from stains, cracks and peeling paint. They check to see whether sidewalks are handicapped accessible and whether they are clean, crack-free or damaged in some way. They check to see whether windows are clean and not broken, to see whether exterior lights work and provide adequate lighting. They look at car parks to see whether they are clean and well maintained. They check swimming pools and tennis courts for trash, mould and stains.

Elevators and Stairwells

Inspectors check the cleanliness of elevators and stairwells, looking for stains, rips, tears and carpet odours. They check handrails for cleanliness, peeling paint, rust and other damage. They inspect corridors for cleanliness and clutter.

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