Anti-vibration engraving tools

Updated November 21, 2016

Engraving tools are useful for many things, from personalising items to creating finely detailed works of art. Fine details on small items, such as egg shells, requires a steady hand and a steady tool. Many of the engravers on the market today do not vibrate and have ergonomically designed handles to prevent hand injuries that result from many hours of work.

400 XS

The 400 XS by SMC runs at a speed of 400,000 RPM with no vibration. It is quiet, durable, lightweight and features an ergonomic grip. The lack of vibration allows a controlled cut for finer detail engraving, even on eggshells. Many engravers require an in-line mist fog oiler to keep the system from overheating. According to SMC, the 400 XS is equipped with a lube for life bearing construction that the company invented. The price range for this engraver, not including an air compressor, is between £195 and £260 as of 2010.

Ultra Carver

The Ultra Carver high speed engraving system is powered by any vacuum or shop vac. According to the makers of the Ultra Carver, this no vibration system runs at 120,000 RPM and can engrave on wood, glass, metal and egg shells. The dual-bearing support and ergonomic handpiece provides controlled and precise engraving action. Being attached to a vacuum, this engraver has a built-in dust removal system, as debris is drawn through the vacuum hose as you work. The cost of this system is about £39 as of 2010.

Turbo Carver

The Turbo Carver is a high speed engraving tool that is usable on wood, glass, bone, stone, paper, leather, hard metals, eggs, antlers and gems. This non-vibrating tool is powered by an air compressor and has an in-line air filter and a foot pedal attachment for speed control. The Turbo Carver spins dental burs at speeds up to 400,000 RPM. According to the makers of Turbo Carver, this lightweight, ergonomically designed tool is usable by people with arthritis and other joint maladies. Prices for this tool start at around £162 as of 2010.

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