Fabric yo-yo Christmas projects

Using scraps of Christmas fabric sewn into yo-yos is a unique way to create beautiful Christmas ornaments, embellishments and decorations. Stuffed yo-yos are simple to create and can be very addictive. Yo-yo fabric circles were originally used to create quilts and doilies during the Depression era, when using every scrap of fabric was a necessity. Today, yo-yo fabric circles are used for many different items such as room decorations, pillows, ornaments and quilts.

Yo-Yo bells

Each bell is created with four assorted fabrics and stuffed with fiberfill. They are stacked from largest to smallest to create a bell shape. A bell and loop are attached at opposite ends using thread. These yo-yo bells can be used as ornaments on your Christmas tree or for embellishments on packages or wreaths.

Christmas doilies

Doilies add a touch of elegance to your furniture. They can be made from any colour of Christmas fabric to create 16 or more flat yo-yo rounds. They are stitched together side by side to create a doily. Display on your tables throughout the holiday season.

Yo-yo angels

Miniature angels and dolls made with assorted calico Christmas fabric can be used to decorate your tree, used as package embellishments or used for stringing together as a garland. Stacking the yo-yos from largest to smallest creates these angels. A wooden bead is used for the head, fabric for wings and tinsel for a halo.

Fabric yo-yo embellished cards

Create unique greeting cards by embellishing a blank card with small fabric yo-yos. Each card can be personalised by using different fabrics. Add your own sentiments. Yo-yo embellished cards can be hand delivered or mailed.

Yo-yo tree ornament

A yo-yo tree ornament is a quick way to decorate a tree. Created using six green yo-yos and one brown, the circles are glued or sewn into a triangular shape. The size of the ornament will depend on the largest circle.

Yo-yo christmas tree

A yo-yo Christmas tree can be made in a variety of sizes for different applications. For example, a small tree using 10 cm (4-inch) or smaller circles can be used as an ornament. A large tree using 30 cm (12-inch) circles can be used as a hearth decoration. These yo-yos are stuffed with fiberfill and stacked to create the tree. For the hearth tree, adding a cardboard circle to the bottom creates a sturdier tree.

Yo-yo snowman ornament

Small yo-yos created with white printed fabrics are stacked to create a snowman ornament. Add a loop at the top for hanging.

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