Nightclub Cleaning Checklist

Updated November 21, 2016

Nightclubs attract a lot of activity that requires daily cleaning in order to maintain health codes and a standard of cleanliness that keeps patrons coming back for fun. A comprehensive checklist of all areas of the club, the cleaning duties for each area and the frequency of each duty will help managers, employees and cleaning crews get the job done more efficiently and thoroughly.


Stock each bathroom stall with toilet paper. Replenish paper towels or hand towels. Add soap to all soap dispensers. Lift the toilet lid and add cleaning solution to the toilet. Use a toilet brush to thoroughly scrub each toilet and urinal. Use disinfectant wipes or other antibacterial product to wipe down each toilet and sink thoroughly. Spray each mirror with glass cleaner and wipe until streak free. Take out trash and replace liner. Sweep and mop the bathroom floors. Wipe down walls with an industrial antibacterial spray.

Seating Areas

Bring the house lights up to see best. Wipe down every table with a wet cloth and cleaning solution. Use the same rag after the tables are completed to wipe down every seat. Place the seats on top of the tables. Check the bottom of the seats for gum. Wipe down all booths, paying particular attention to the cracks to remove dirt and grime. Gather all trash and dust from the floor with a broom. Mop all floors with hot water and a disinfectant cleaning solution.


Run all barware through the dishwasher or wash by hand. Dry all glasses and replace on racks. Wipe down all bar surfaces both on top and the exterior of the bar where patrons place their feet. Clean all glass, stainless steel and chrome to maintain a spot-free environment. Remove all trash and replace trash liners.


Clean all windows and doors. Pick up any trash. Sweep and mop or vacuum the entryway. Reorganise the area. Remove items from the coat check to lost and found. Water plants.

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