LTA Tennis Rules

Updated July 19, 2017

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) is the governing body for all professional tennis played on a grass surface. The marquis event of the LTA is the British Tennis Championships is the famous Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London, England.

The LTA has a long list of rules and appendices, regulations and standing orders which govern how lawn tennis is run globally. These guidelines relate not to the strict laws of the game of tennis, but more a directive to how the administration of lawn tennis is run.


The LTA rulebook is published annually, and it is designed to detail their objectives and govern how the association approaches running their organisation. Within this, it dictates the affiliation of sub-organisations to the LTA, the election of councillors, the holding of general meetings, the terms and conditions which govern players, and how tournaments must be held under the LTA.


There are eight appendices which the LTA have added to their rulebook. These are additional to the rules, and serve to further explain some of the areas that are covered in the rules. The appendices include how LTA countries are grouped, what makes a player eligible to represent a country, disciplinary protocol and its resolutions, anti-doping programs, the coach licensing scheme, regulations relating to match fixing and betting, child protection procedure, and the general conditions of registration for coaches with the LTA.

Tournament Regulations

The LTA also outlines its tournament regulations. These govern how all LTA tournaments must be organised and administered, including the different types of tournament, how player eligibility is decided and participation is regulated. There are also provisions for how tournaments should be drawn, administered and run, and guidance as to how prize money should be distributed. Finally, there is a section pertaining to officiating of LTA tournaments, including guidance for umpires, line judges and match referees.

Standing Orders

The LTA's standing orders dictate the composition of their council and how their internal administration is governed. It also outlines how members are elected to the LTA council, its boards, committees and panels.

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