Ice Breaker Party Games for Adults

Updated July 19, 2017

Ice breaker party games are perfect games to play when you're hosting a party where people may not know each other very well, or even at all. These games will get all of your guests talking and feeling more comfortable with one another as the evening progresses.

Truth or Lie?

When you invite your party guests, ask them to be thinking of 3 statements about themselves that they can share at the party. One will need to be a lie and the other two statements should be true. It's important to be sure that the statement that is a lie isn't obnoxious because each player should make it as hard as possible for people to determine which statements are true and which is not.

To play the game, choose one guest to start by reading all 3 of their statements. The other guests will then need to vote to determine which of those statements is a lie. Then the speaker can go into more detail about each of the statements they made.

Find Your Match

Find Your Match, also known as Celebrity Couples, can be very entertaining and also humorous for all of your guests. The only supplies you need for this game are Post-it notes and a writing utensil. If you don't have Post-its you could use any kind of paper with a sticky backing. Once you have your supplies think of different couples and write each name on a Post-it note. Be sure you have matches for all couples but keep them on separate notes. Couples could include celebrities, famous cartoon couples such as Fred and Wilma or even food items that go well together such as peanut butter and jelly. Feel free to be as creative as you wish.

To start the game you or another host or hostess will need to stick one Post-it on the back of each of the guests at your party without them knowing it. The guests will then need to find their match and they can only do this by asking yes or no questions. To make it more interesting you could have the guests act like the person they see on other Post-it notes to help those people figure out who they are. Once people start to find out who everybody is it will help them determine which part of the couple they are.

Press Conference

This is a popular ice breaker game that involves all guests and no supplies are needed to play. To set up this game you'll need to make a list of famous people. Be sure you think about your group and their ages so you don't choose names that most people don't know.

To begin play, one person will be chosen to give a press conference. You can simply choose a volunteer or, to make it even more fun, as soon as somebody leaves the table and then comes back, let them know that they are the speaker and that you're going to play "Press Conference." The guests will choose a name and then begin to ask the speaker questions about the famous person they chose. These questions should help the speaker learn who they are and why they're giving a press conference. The game ends when the speaker finds out their identity.

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