Uses for Your Glasses Case

Written by naomi valdivia | 13/05/2017
Uses for Your Glasses Case
This is a typical hard glasses case that you might have lying around. (glasses in a case image by Pix by Marti from

If you wear glasses, chances are you have extra glasses cases around the house. If you have hard-shell cases, don't discard them. They can be quite useful if taken out of context. They can be containers for many different small items, and because they are used to protect delicate glasses, they will protect whatever else you decide to put inside.

General Item Container

Uses for Your Glasses Case
Why spend the extra money for a premade first aid kit? Buy the items in bulk and make lots of kits using old glasses cases. (sign. first aid sign image by L. Shat from

Hard glasses cases can be used as containers for different things. They are the right size and build to hold loose change, spare keys, lost screws and nails. They are also the perfect size to create mini first aid kits. Sewing kits can also be contained by putting a few small spools of thread, a couple of needles, thimble, small pair of scissors, a few pins, and a very small pin cushion. Because they are small and portable, you can create many of them and stash them in different places where you may need them, such as the glove box of a car, the bathroom, the shed or the garage.

Beauty and Feminine Item Containers

Uses for Your Glasses Case
Lipsticks, lip glosses, and eye shadows can all fit nicely into a hard glasses case. (make-up image by PHOTOFLY from

Hard glasses cases are suitable make-up holders. You can separate the type of make-up that you have and stash them in your purse for easy access. A mini manicure set can also be created by putting a file, nail clipper and even a mini bottle of polish inside. Cotton swabs are also useful in these containers. Glasses cases can be used as tampon or pad holders, even if they are soft glasses cases. Travel-size items like shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion can be housed within a glasses case as well.

Kid's Items

Uses for Your Glasses Case
Crayons are the perfect size for a glasses case. (crayons image by Rich Johnson from

Glasses cases are suitable for crayons. A travel crayon set can be created using a hard or soft case. Other kids' toys can be housed by a glasses case like mini figurines, marbles, small rubber balls or even portable game system cartridges. Kids can have fun customising their case with fabric, paint, markers or stickers.

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