Pneumatic hand engraving tools

Engraving is used to add names, numbers and symbols to many different objects. Engraving is done by hand, with an electric engraving tool or with a pneumatic engraving tool. A pneumatic engraving tool is an engraving tool that is powered by compressed air or compressed carbon dioxide. The pneumatic engraving tool has more power then an electric engraver, is easier to maintain and is usually less expensive.

Engraving Pen

A pneumatic engraving pen is lightweight and easy to manipulate. The grip area is generally cushioned to allow for easy gripping. A very fine-point stylus creates precise, crisp lines. The engraving pen is used like a normal writing pen. The engraved line is smooth, unlike the air scribe, which creates a line with a rounded edge. Air consumption is minimal, at 1 cubic foot per minute, so a small air compressor is adequate to operate the engraving pen. Different brands of pneumatic engraving pens have different blow rates. A blow rate is the amount of hits per minute made by the stylus to the engraving surface. The average blow rate is 14,000 hits per minute.

Air Scribe

The pneumatic air scribe is equipped with a carbide ballpoint stylus. Features of the air scribe include an adjustment dial, low air consumption, a filtered hose and an optional chisel tip. The air scribe is a low impact tool that is excellent for marking tools and parts. It is good for small projects but is not a precision engraving tool. The lines made with the air scribe look like small dome indentations in the engraved surface. Change out the carbide ballpoint stylus and put in the chisel tip to use for fossil cleaning. The chisel tip is also used for dental mould making. The variable speed makes this a versatile tool.

Mini-Mochton Stylus Wasp

The mini-mochton stylus wasp is a pneumatic engraver used on concrete or stone. The stylus wasp uses 1 cubic foot per minute at 40.8 Kilogram per square inch. It has a single reciprocating stylus cutter that is carbide. The mini-mochton stylus wasp is a heavy-duty piece of equipment that will take the abuse of working with concrete or stone. The carbide stylus is replaceable. The engraver is easily manipulated and makes precision cuts. Practice is needed to get a smooth line. The blade will chip the top edge of the surface if not used correctly.

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