Fun Games to Play With Co-Workers

Updated April 17, 2017

Finding interesting and new ways to pass the time at work is as old as work itself. Incorporating games into the work day is an excellent way to keep morale up and build relationships with co-workers. Good games to play with co-workers are ones that can be played while still maintaining productivity during meetings or on breaks. Needless to say, games that threaten your job are likely not good games to be playing during work.

Buzzword Bingo

Buzzword Bingo is a great game to play during company meetings or during training sessions, especially those that are extremely long and boring. The game is played by selecting buzzwords that are likely to be mentioned by the speaker, or by someone asking a question, and then writing those words randomly on a five-by-five grid. Use the name of your company as the centre square as it is likely to be mentioned a number of times during any meeting, and it will count as a guaranteed free space. The game is over when one player gets five in a row, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. If co-workers are playing bingo without their boss knowing about it, they should come up with another buzzword to signal that they have got a bingo and the game is over.

Office Olympics

Office Olympics makes for a great activity for days that seem to pass extraordinarily slowly. Workers can organise themselves into small teams, or can gather by departments, and compete in a number of events against other groups. Events can include an office chair chariot race, long jump over short trash bins or even office chair battles. If the boss seems OK with office Olympics, using events that are pertinent to work may help ensure that he allows you to do it again. An event like office trivia, including corporate history and protocol, is actually a fun way to teach co-workers about the company, especially if workers are allowed to look up information in brochures and pamphlets. Other office events could include transferring phone calls, copying and stapling, or competing to fill paperwork out more quickly, all of which turn mundane tasks into a competition.

Name that Line

Name that Line is a game co-workers can play while they're working, or when they have down time, as it isn't likely to slow down productivity. The game is played by saying a popular line from a movie, cartoon or television show and everyone else has to guess what the line is from. As people run out of popular quotes, they'll start picking more obscure ones and other players will likely need hints to get them correct, or you can allow people to search on the Internet if it hasn't been correctly guessed after an initial time period.

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