Shed dormer ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

The right addition of a shed dormer adds visual value to a home. A shed dormer is created by lifting a portion of the roof to create additional space to a second floor or attic. The lifted area is shored up with outer and inner walls to appear as windows or gables. Along with the aesthetic attributes, shed dormers add space and light to the home.

Additional Bedrooms

Add a large dormer to the rear of a ranch style home to create additional bedrooms. Attic space is sometimes wasted living area. With the addition of a shed dormer, this space becomes valuable area. For this type of project, an extra large piece of the rear roof is lifted and walls are built to shore up the sides. Windows are added for light. On a cape or ranch-style home, this creates enough space for two medium size or one extra large room. Consider the cost of installation of stairs and interior finishing items when planning this job. If plans include installation of a bathroom, additional costs will incur.

Balancing Act

For homes built with a singular gable on one side of the roof area, a shed dormer balances the appearance. A single gable draws attention to one side of the house. Change this with a shed dormer added to the opposite end of the roof in a similar size. Give the appearance of a gable on the dormer with the addition of a pointed roof area. Raise the roof area selected and shore up with outer walls. Build a pointed roof atop the flat dormer piece to achieve the look.

Let There Be Light

Add light to upstairs rooms or attics with the addition of shed dormers. Small serial dormers spaced evenly across the roof and shored with windowed walls add light to dark areas of the home. Plan the placement of the dormers according to the outer appearance of the roof line and the interior need for light. Add shed dormers on each side of the roof or consider adding small dormers to the front and a larger, single window shed dormer to the rear.

Additional Height

Give the appearance of a taller house with the addition of a shed dormer. For a single story home, dormer sheds do not add actual height, but give the appearance of a second story. Add a pair of small window shed dormers to the front of the house. Decorate the windows with shades or curtains to give the appearance of a room. Even if the windows are in a small attic space, from the exterior, they appear as full rooms.

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