Gifts for Football Coaches

Updated April 17, 2017

Regardless of skill level, coaching football is a tough job. In some cases, the youngest age groups turn out to be the most difficult. Ofren times, getting 40 eight-year-olds to focus on a single task can seem impossible. To show appreciation for your team's football coach, a football-related gift comes as a nice gesture of gratitude.

Personalised Football

A personalised football comes in a variety of forms. The easiest and simplest approach is to take an ordinary football and have each member of the team sign it. This is often done with a silver pen against the brown surface. Alternatively, many memorabilia stores will personalise a football using a white panel to display a team name and possibly a championship or season record. With white panelling, players can sign with black ink or possibly a team colour. A more elaborate personalised football is the photo ball. A photo ball is a football that contains numerous football photos, which might include player photos or game shots to remind the coach of the season. Photo balls can become expensive, but are sold through many local sporting goods stores and online dealers.

Autographed Team Helmet

Obtaining access to a team helmet can become pricey, but collecting a few dollars from each player should cover the costs. Most youth football teams wear a solid colour helmet, decorated with a decal sticker on the side. In such a case, a helmet and a decal sticker is needed. Helmets can run upwards of £65 and decal stickers are usually fairly inexpensive, but difficult to find. If the coach handles the uniform ordering, this task may prove difficult. However, if the team helmets are ordered through a community recreation department or other governing association, contacting that organisation's representative may help lead you in the right direction. Once the helmet is in possession, the players can sign it using a permanent marker, before ultimately presenting the gift to the coach.

Autographed Team Jersey

Along the same lines as the autographed helmet is an autographed team jersey. Chances are the coach would not wear the jersey for many, if any occasions. However, a nicely framed jersey, which includes autographs and good wishes from team members, can show a nice touch of class for a quality coach. This gift works best when uniforms include solid fabric numbers instead of mesh screen prints. If a uniform jersey is filled with mesh holes, then the signatures of the players will not write easily onto the fabric. Alternatively, a framed jersey could have the coach's name on the back with the number one. Instead of signing the jersey, a team photo could accompany the jersey in the form of a photo plaque.

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