Grout Removal Products

Updated February 21, 2017

If your grout is old, cracked or is the wrong colour you'll need to remove it by using grout removal tools and products. These products generally feature a sharp blade that you drag across the surface to pull away the grout. The grout removal process should not damage your tiles and should be relatively easy to complete. You can purchase grout removal product at any hardware or home improvement store. Always wear work gloves when removing grout to protect your hands from sharp tools. Wear goggles to prevent grout dust or pieces of grout from getting in your eye.

Triangle Blades

Triangle blades look like screwdrivers except that they have a triangular blade at the tip. Triangle blades have a rubber grip handle and a long steel shaft. On the end of the shaft is a triangular blade that is positioned perpendicularly to the shaft. To use it, simply press one point of the blade into the grout and pull it along the grout surface. The blade will cut into the sanded or non-sanded grout and will remove it. When one point of the blade becomes worn, turn the triangle blades and use another point. When all three blades are worn unscrew the end of the shaft and replace the triangle blade. Use different sizes triangle blades for different sized grout. If you grout is very narrow, use a small blade.

Corner Blades

Corner blades look like a screwdriver except that at the end of the shaft is a wide blade. The blade is perpendicular to the shaft and is used to get grout out of corners. To use it, press one of the tips of the blade against grout in a corner and pull it toward you. The corner blade reaches more areas because the tip is very thin. You can also use it to remove very narrow grout.

Diamond Blades

Diamond blades look very similar to triangle blades except that the blade is shaped like a diamond. The diamond has two very acute angled blades and two obtuse angled blades. This allows you to remove narrow and wide grout without changing the blade. The acute angle is particularly useful for removing narrow grout. Narrow grout is commonly used on backsplashes and bathroom walls.

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