Old-Fashioned Country Craft Ideas

Written by christina inge | 13/05/2017
Old-Fashioned Country Craft Ideas
Make old-fashioned country crafts to add a traditional feel to any room. (Country Dining 4 image by Sleven from Fotolia.com)

Create old-fashioned country crafts to complement your traditional decor no matter what your crafts skills. Whether you sew, knit, paint or crochet, there are simple, fun-to-make crafts that add an old-fashioned look to any room. Country crafts can me made from materials at most crafts stores or from found and repurposed materials.

Scrap and Charm Quilts

Old-Fashioned Country Craft Ideas
(Blue and coral quilt block background image by Bluebird from Fotolia.com)

Although making one of the more complex quilt designs seen in magazines and pattern books can seem daunting, simple quilts of basic squares and rectangles, such as a one-patch or nine-patch, require basic sewing skills. Select homespun cloth and small floral patterns mixed with small, primarily white prints called shirtings, for a folksy, scrappy look. Using each fabric once makes a scrappy quilt known as a charm quilt.

Penny Rugs

Penny rugs are small appliqued table mats made from wool felt. Designs featuring leaves, acorns, flowers or geometric shapes are sewn to a wool base with one or two layers of felt using a buttonhole stitch. These can make a base for displaying under lamps or to protect antique furniture.

Kitchen Accessories

Many older cooking and table accessories can make charming kitchen accents. Tea cosies can be knit, crocheted or sewn with designs of houses, plants or simple abstract shapes embellished with applique. Potholders also were a popular accessory during the early the 20th century. Whether for function or a sense of kitsch, potholders often are crocheted, knitted or sewn in vegetable, animal and fruit shapes and filled with insulating material.

Découpage Storage and Chairs

Revive traditional découpage with novel materials to make interesting wooden trays, trunks, storage boxes and even chairs. Gather copies of vintage advertisements, old photos or personal mementos and apply them with découpage glue to old wooden items to refurbish recycled furniture at a low cost.

Painted Tin

Painting floral designs on small tin containers creates attractive storage for the kitchen, living room or dining room. Select tins of different sizes at garage sales and thoroughly clean them before painting. The tins offer a canvas for decorative painting that can pick up motifs from penny rugs, carpeting or upholstery.

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