Copper Wire Craft Projects

Updated February 21, 2017

Copper wire is a great medium for craft projects. It is bendable, flexible and useful in a variety of projects from jewellery to potted flowers. For most copper wire crafts, you will need a pair of needle-nose pliers and wire cutters to cut and manipulate the wire into intricate designs.


One of the most fun and useful crafts to make with copper wire is jewellery. You can make almost any piece of jewellery with wire, and you can personalise each piece with swirls and different designs. To make a base for a necklace or bracelet, use a thick copper wire or twist two pieces of thin wire together. Using pliers, bend the wire into different shapes or swirls, or weave strips together for a basket-weave pattern. Personalise your design with beads and other elements.


Craft unique and timeless flowers to decorate a desk or windowsill, or to hang on the wall using tightly wound copper wire. To start, make stems by straightening copper wire; for sturdier stems, twist multiple pieces together. Then create the centre of the flower by wrapping a ball of wire around the top of the stem. Add three-dimensional flower petals by wrapping wire around a petal frame. Experiment with different shapes and types of flowers.

Tabletop Trees

For a tabletop display, use copper wire to fashion tree silhouettes. Because of copper wire's flexibility and flat ends, you can use it to make stunning tabletop trees. For the base, pound a wide nail or screw into a small piece of wood. Using the nail or screw as anchor, sharply bend varying lengths of wire to form branches, creating a tree that grows up from the base.

Wall Lettering

Children and teenagers can design lettering for their bedroom walls or doors using lengths of copper wire. Options for personalisation include block letters filled in with swirls and curlicues, bended wire for script lettering or letters that sprout silhouettes of plants and animals. Encourage children to start with a base and then add embellishments. Copper wire can easily be shaped into a charming butterfly for a girl's name or a car for boy's name.

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