Disney Party Games

Written by rani oliver
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Disney Party Games
Party balloons (party balloons image by Vita Vanaga from Fotolia.com)

All things Disney are loved by many adults and children everywhere. It's no wonder; Disney has some of the most recognisable characters in the world. Whether you are throwing a birthday party or a costume party for Halloween, Disney-themed party games can put a smile on almost any guest’s face.

Pin the Tail on Eeyore

Eeyore is Winnie the Pooh's friend and probably Disney’s most lovable donkey. Younger children can have fun helping him reattach his tail in this version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You’ll need to mount a large picture of Eeyore on the wall and provide each child with her own tail. When it’s the child’s turn, an adult can blindfold the child and spin her three times. The child that pins her tail closest to where Eeyore's tail belongs, wins.

Disney Character Pinata

Pinatas have been a party favourite for centuries. You can buy one from any party store or make your own. After you have chosen your pinata, you can hang it in an open playing area. One person can blindfold a child when it is his turn and then spin him in a circle three times. The objective of the game is to break open the pinata using a long stick. A broom handle or something similar works well for the stick. Everyone wins when the pinata breaks open and everyone is showered with the candy inside.

Musical Chairs Set to Disney Theme Songs

You can choose several of your favourite Disney songs to use during this classic game or choose songs that correspond to a particular Disney character or movie. To play you will need a chair for all but one of the players arranged so people can easily walk around them. One person controls when the music starts and stops, letting it play for 30 to 45 seconds. While the music plays everyone walks in a circle around the chairs and then sits down in one of the chairs as quickly as possible when the music stops. One person is left standing and is out of the game. Players repeat the process by removing a chair and starting the music again, until the winner of the game is sitting in the only chair left.

Bob for "Poison" Apples

Bobbing for apples is a well-known game at Halloween parties. To play this Disney variation, based on "Snow White," you'll need a large tub that can hold water and apples. The apples will float on top of the water in a single layer. If you fill the tub almost to the top with water, the apples will be easier for the players to reach. Using cold water makes the game more challenging.

To designate which apples are "poison," you could use a different colour apple for the poisoned ones or mark them with a sticker. The number of poison apples will depend on how many winners you want to have. The object of the game is to retrieve a "poison" apple with only your mouth. It is common for the player to have her hands tied behind her back to prevent cheating.

If you would play a version of this game that guarantees players stay dry--or if you have small children playing--you can hang the apples in a row on a string instead of submerging them in water. This version also allows everyone to play at the same time. The first child to take a bite of his apple wins.

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