Crocodile games for kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Crocodiles' large size and reputation for chomping up anything that comes their way may instil fear in some kids. Other kids may think they're the coolest creatures and opt not to dwell on dangerous depictions in non-kid-friendly movies such as "Lake Placid." Kids falling into the latter category can play various games to enhance their fondness of crocodiles.

Crazy Crocs

Kids try finding hidden crocodiles in Crazy Crocs, accessible at the 123 Bee site. Using their mouse to scroll over the screen, players search for 10 crocodiles. Upon spotting one, players click it, earning 50 points per croc. Should players want to zoom in for a closer look, they click on an area; however, each extra click costs players 10 points. Players must find all crocodiles to advance to the next level.

Croc 'O' Snack

Fearing drowning, a crocodile eats everything that comes its way in Croc 'O' Snack, accessible at the Yupis site. Players use the left and right arrow keys to move the croc as it tries catching all the items falling from above. Should players miss an item, the water level increases. To drain some of the water, players eat a blue hatlike item. If the water level reaches maximum capacity, the croc drowns and the game ends.

Croc Rescue and Relocation

Kids divide into two teams for this game, competing to relocate a crocodile to a "swamp" habitat. After making a double obstacle course using kid-friendly materials of his choice, the leader places a large inflatable crocodile at the start of each obstacle course and a "swamp" (kiddie pool) at the end. Kids race to bring the croc into the "swamp." The team that relocates its croc first wins.

Crocodile Dentist

Playing dentist to a toothache-inflicted crocodile, kids try avoiding the croc's chomp in Winning Moves' Crocodile Dentist, recommended for ages 4 and up. Players use tooth tongs to remove one tooth at a time. If players remove the tooth that sets off the croc's temper, the croc growls, charges and chomps, eliminating players from the game. The player making it through to the end without riling up the crocodiles wins.

Crocodile Pool Party

Crocodiles invade a hotel swimming pool in Kosmos/Rio Grande Games' Crocodile Pool Party, recommended for ages 8 and up. Players move tiles representing swimmers and crocs around the board, and try bringing the most tiles to safety at their pool bar. The game ends when just one player's tiles or stacks of tiles remain in the pool; the player possessing the most tiles in her pool bar wins the game.

Feeding Frenzy

Kids compete to "feed" the crocodile the most goodies in Feeding Frenzy. After drawing and colouring a large crocodile on heavy cardboard, a leader cuts out the mouth area, forming a large gaping hole. With the board leaning against a chair, kids stand behind a line and take turns tossing items such as bean bags and dog treats into the cardboard croc's mouth. The kid landing the most "goodies" in the croc's mouth wins.

Swamp Escape

Crocodiles and frogs pose a threat to players as they try reaching the other side of the swamp in Swamp Escape, accessible at the FreeGamesTower site. Players use the directional arrow keys to move, and exercise caution as they jump across water lilies and plants, which randomly appear and disappear. Green diamonds and red hearts give players bonuses, while coal and banshees decrease a player's score and remove one life, respectively. Players lose a life if they fall into the swamp, or a croc or frog devours them (in the latter instance, there's no bloodshed). The game ends when players lose all of their lives.

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