Handmade Cards Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Handmade cards are often received with joy because the recipient can recognise the care and time that went into creating the card. These cards are often customised to fit with someone's personality, hobbies or favourite colours. For instance, you might want to make a card with purple pressed-flower pansies for someone who loves pansies and the colour purple.

Rubber Stamp Cards

The right rubber stamps can add visual appeal to a homemade card. Buy thick cardstock in your friend's favourite colour. Fold the card stock in half. Choose ink that contrasts with the background. For instance, purple ink would contrast well with a yellow card. Select a stamp that fits the occasion. A butterfly stamp works well for a get-well or spring-themed card. Flowers are appropriate for just about any occasion and you can also find other nature-themed stamps.

Stamp the front of the card with a large stamp and allow the ink to dry. Once the ink is dry, use makers to write a message at the top such as "Happy Birthday" or "Thinking of You." Stamp other designs on the inside of the card, but leave room for writing.

Pressed-Flower Card

A pressed-flower card is an excellent choice for someone who needs cheering up or encouragement. This card also works well for other occasions such as birthdays or even weddings. You can make pressed flowers by placing them between two sheets of tissue paper and heavy books. Leave the flowers in place for a few days until they are pressed into shape. Buy blue or yellow cardstock and fold in half to create a card. Glue the flowers on the front of the card and use thick chipboard letters to make a title that says, "Get Well Soon," "Happy Birthday," or other appropriate sentiments. You can glue more flowers on the inside of the card, but make sure to leave extra room on one side for writing your message.

Pearl Border

A border adds a pop-out design element to any homemade card. This added embellishment is easy to create. You can find artificial pearls at your local craft store. Glue the pearls around the border of the front of your card and allow them to dry.

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