Fun party games for ladies

Updated February 21, 2017

Be prepared to play several types of party games if you find yourself hosting or attending a party for ladies. Some games are geared toward specific parties, like hen parties, baby showers or bridal showers, but most can be adapted to suit any celebratory gathering.

How Well Does She Know Him

Wedding showers and hen parties are often filled with silly antics, trips down memory lane and female bonding. They also present the perfect setting to find out how well the bride-to-be really knows her future spouse. Before the party, make a list of 20 random questions for the groom to truthfully answer. Ask if he prefers boxers or briefs, what his favourite colour is, how many times a day he brushes his teeth and what his first pet was. Find out if how old he was when he got his first kiss, his favourite vacation spot and what his childhood nickname was. Be creative with the questions and get as personal as he allows.

At the party, have each lady place a 60p bet while you pass out small pieces of paper. Ask the ladies to write their names on the paper and how many questions they think the bride will answer correctly. Give the bride a copy of the questions you asked her groom and have her answer them. Read her answers out loud and see how many match. The guest who guesses how many questions the bachelorette correctly answered, or whoever is closest, wins one-half of the bet. Give the other half to the bride or use it to buy her drinks that night.

Never Say Baby

Adapt this game to suit your party. If you are hosting a baby shower, the game is “never say baby.” For a bridal shower or hen party, the game becomes “never say love.” As each guest arrives, give her a necklace long enough to slip over her head. These can be homemade with long ribbon and a large baby safety pin or beads. Many novelty stores also sell them. Tell everyone to put the necklace on and let the game begin. The rules are simple. You cannot say the word mentioned in the title. If you do, and someone hears you, she gets your necklace and any others you have collected throughout the party. At the end of the party, whoever has the most necklaces wins.

I Never

"I never" is a game that typically starts out with innocent remarks, but as the game wears on and the women begin to drink, it often turns a little raunchy and revealing. Start it off by filling everyone’s drink, and then make a statement that starts with “I never.” It could be something like “I never pee in a pool.” The women who have peed in a pool must take a drink. Someone might say “I never had sex outside.” Anyone who has had sex outside would take a drink. Get creative with your statements and be prepared to learn something new about every woman playing.

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