Colors that match lavender

Updated April 17, 2017

Lavender is a light shade of purple. It encompasses everything from the most pale, called lilac, to a rich pink tone called mauve. Lavender can be paired with a variety of colours, depending on the look you want. Young girls love to use it when decorating their bedrooms and bathrooms. But the colour becomes very versatile and even masculine, depending on what colour you match with it. What you match to the lavender will depend on its purpose.

Clothes and Accessories

When using lavender for clothing and accessories, decide what overall look you desire. If you want something modern and simple, consider black and white accessories with a splash of lavender. A very light shade of lavender blends well with a deep chocolate shade of brown. For something completely modern and cutting edge, use a totally opposite but complementary colour, such as green. A monochromatic look using varying shades of purple can fit eclectic or traditional style, depending on the number of shades used and the style of the clothes and accessories. If you are a man, consider using a lavender shirt as an accompaniment to a grey or charcoal suit.


When choosing lavender for make-up, what matches depends a lot on your skin colour. For eye make-up, light, cool complexions can apply a soft wash of silver all over the eye and use a light shade of lavender, called lilac. For warmer complexions, consider using deep plum or gold tones. For a bold look, consider matching tones that range from the lightest to the deepest shades of pink on the lid. Top the look with a bright lavender, almost fluorescent shade of purple. Darker skin tones can handle a deep shade of purple on the lips to match lavender eye shadow, but keep it sheer to avoid overwhelming your face. Lighter complexions should match the look with light neutral shades or sheer pink.


With decor, you can use some of the same principles that you did for clothing and accessories. Lavender is a very popular colour choice for young girls decorating their rooms. It often springs from a love of purple. Since purple is too dark to use on all walls, many opt for lavender walls and then accent the room using dark purples. Off-white, light yellow or soft green all match well with lavender. When bringing in flowers or throw pillows to match lavender decor, consider shades of red and pink. These colours appear on the colour wheel next to each other, making them analogous colours. Red and pink are harmonious with lavender since they contain some of the same colours. If you prefer a neutral palette in your home, lavender looks at home against fresh white walls or rich brown leather furniture.

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