Rod Holder Ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

There are various types of rod holders for different uses, such as pier or beach fishing, boat fishing, rod storage, and rod shipping or transportation. Several manufacturers that produce rod holders of each type. Creative anglers can also make or adapt their own rod holder to best suit their particular needs.

Free Standing

Free standing rod holders are generally used for shore or pier fishing. The most common type of free standing holder is the tripod design. Some are handmade, while others are adapted to work with different fishing rods. Free standing rod holders can be expensive for the weekend fisher. To adapt a tripod for your fishing rod, attach a piece of PVC pipe onto the tripod mount at the preferred angle. Drill two holes in the pipe, near the tripod, then place a bolt into the pipe. The bolt should extending through both sides of the pipe to hold the bottom of the rod. Use a pipe that is large enough to hold the rod without getting in the way of the reel.

Boat Mounted

Most boats today come with rod mounts, but these are generally upright mounts that hold the rods in place during transportation. Rod holders that are used while fishing usually must be bought and installed separately. Anglers can buy deck chairs with built-in rod holders or side mounted rod holders. To fashion an inexpensive rod holder, an angler can use simple hardware clamps to hold the rod in the desired position, or attach a piece of wood to the inside of the boat rail that has round holes drilled at an angle to hold the rods in place. Multi-rod holders also can be made by attaching a long piece of wood to the inside of the boat rail and mounting several rod holders to the piece of wood.


Storing fishing rods can cause a problem if you have limited space. Stands hold rods upright or wall-mounted vertical holder are common solutions to this problem. A corner stand works best for tight spaces, while a circular stand can be stored in a shed or garage. To store rods on a wall, simple hook screws can be mounted into the wall to hold rods. Wall racks are also available at many sporting goods stores and can hold as many as five rods.

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