Taxi Games for Kids

Written by jim radenhausen
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Taxi Games for Kids
Taxi games put players in the taxi cab driver's seat. (taxi image by Brett Bouwer from

Kids may think it's cool to be a taxi cab driver, interacting with all kinds of people and dropping passengers off at different destinations. Whether stopping to pick up fares or displaying driving skills in tight situations, kids can play various taxi games that provide some insight into a taxi driver's daily experiences.

Roman Taxi

Kids can pretend to travel to Ancient Rome and transport historical figures to famous destinations in Bucephalus' "Roman Taxi" board game, recommended for ages 8 and up. Players compete as chariot drivers, taking figures like Caesar and Caligula to places such as the Senate, the Forums and the Coliseum. To gain advantage over opponents, players decide how to move their taxi, as every movement impacts other players. A fast route may give opponents better movement choices, while a slower route may hinder opponents.

Space Taxi 2

Black holes and falling stars threaten players' space taxi career in Twlight Games' "Space Taxi 2," available as a free trial download for various Windows computer systems. The game, a remake and sequel of Commodore 64's 1984 "Space Taxi," requires players to pick up and deliver passengers to futuristic space settings. Players encounter various space challenges, including bad weather during their space taxi travels.

Taxi Driving School

Taxi driver Abu needs help passing his New York City taxi driver exam in "Taxi Driving School," accessible at the Free Online Games site. Players must complete 14 driving manoeuvres within a set time period, and avoid crashing their taxi. Pressing the "Up" and "Down" arrow keys accelerates and reverses the taxi, while pressing the "Left" and "Right" arrow keys steers the taxi. Players press the spacebar to brake, and receive demerits if they stray from the predetermined path. Before taking the exam, players may practice each manoeuvre. The game ends if players crash their taxi.

Tuk-Tuk Taxi

Players compete to pick up fares in Tactic's "Tuk-Tuk Taxi" board game, recommended for ages 7 and up. As players travel around the board, they roll the die to advance past traffic lights, and place "Traffic Sign" tiles on street squares. Before placing traffic tiles on the board, players consider the sign's potential impact on themselves and opponents. "Happening" tiles require players to move to the "Petrol station," "Mechanic," or "Police" locations, while "Remove a tile" lets players remove any one "Happening" or "Traffic Sign" tile from the board. The player dropping off the most customers to his taxi station wins.

Turbo Taxi

Taxi drivers try constructing feasible town layouts to connect taxis to customers in Queen/Rio Grande Games' "Turbo Taxi" board game, recommended for ages 8 and up. Working with 12 tiles containing various road intersections, players must replicate a different puzzle/route in each round, arranging nine tiles connecting black and yellow taxis with like-coloured customers/houses. When players feel they have a layout that matches the puzzle and announce as much to their opponents, all players check to ensure that the layout matches the puzzle. If the layout works, that player earns a medal. Should players' layout not work, they exit the round; once another player scores a winning layout, the next round begins, with all players. The player who solves the most puzzles, thereby earning the most medals, wins.

Wild Wild Taxi

Players drive as fast as possible in "Wild Wild Taxi," accessible at the Primary Games site. Pressing the "Left" and "Right" arrow keys moves the taxi from lane to lane, while the "Up" and "Down" arrow keys control speed. To advance to the next level, players must travel the required distance within the allocated time frame; should they fail to do so, the game ends.

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