Torso Tattoo Ideas

Written by trevorm
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Torso Tattoo Ideas
The torso offers the most options for tattoo designs. (tattoo image by FXTW from

Choosing the right location for a tattoo is extremely important, almost as important as choosing the design itself. Tattoo location may help complement the tattoo shape and design or help keep that tattoo hidden for certain occasions. The torso is prime real estate for tattoos due to the fact it is such a large area and a fairly flat plane.

Rib Cage Tattoos

Rib cage tattoos have become more popular with celebrities such as David Beckham sporting one. Rib cage tattoos generally span down the side of the ribs from underarm to belly. Rib cage tattoos on women can be very feminine and sexy, emphasising the body’s curves. Some popular rib cage tattoos for women include stars, butterflies, quote and faeries. Rib cage tattoos are also popular among men with designs such as dragons, koi fish, tigers, eagles and tribal art.

Back Tattoos

The back is the largest canvas for tattoos on the human body. Since the back is so large, it is not uncommon for people to get mural tattoos. Mural tattoos can include large graphic scenes such as seen on movie posters. For women, lower back tattoos are very popular. Some lower back tattoo designs for women include tribal designs and Celtic embroidery just below the waist line. Men generally stray from lower back tattoos and go for the larger, full back pieces or upper back tattoos around the trapezius muscles. Names or words often look aesthetically pleasing across the upper back.

Stomach Tattoos

Stomach tattoos are often very sexy or risque depending on the placement. Women often get tattoos below the navel just to the side of the hip bone. These tattoos are usually only visible when wearing low-cut jeans. Some tattoo ideas for this location include stars, flowers, little devils or angels. Men usually get stomach tattoos above the navel. Some common options for men include names or words spread across the torso and large graphic designs.

Chest Tattoos

Chest tattoos usually come in two general formats, smaller tattoos on a single pectoral or larger tattoos across both pectorals. Tattoo designs for a single side of a chest include shapes that fit well such as insignias, family crests, and logos. Some other single side chest ideas include names over your heart, skulls or tattoos relating to mortality. Tattoos that span across the whole chest include names, messages, large tribal designs and hearts.

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