Windows CE network tools

Updated February 21, 2017

Windows CE Network Utilities facilitate communication between devices using TCP/IP. This is a standardised protocol commonly used for communication between networks. These utilities work with several versions of the TCP/IP protoco,l including both IPv4 and IPv6, which respectively, stands for Internet Protocol versions 4 and 6. Windows CE Network Utilities use both graphical and command line operating environments for modifying network settings. The command line uses text only commands to receive and display commands and the graphical interface uses the familiar Windows style interface.

IPConfig Module

The IPConfig Module allows users to view the values for the configuration of protocols, such as TCP/IP, used by Windows CE to make remote connections. This utility is run from the command prompt, which is a completely text-based operating system. This utility supports IPv6 and will report on each adaptor using this version of the TCP/IP protocol.

Netstat Utility

Netstat is used to display all active connections using TCP, the ports that Windows CE is listening on and statistics for the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. This utility is primarily used to gather information and also provides statistics on Ethernet use and can display the routing table used for IP connections.

Ping Utility

The ping utility fulfils the role of network diagnostic tool by providing error checking and information regarding the routing of connections using the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. Ping is primarily used to determine whether a specific location is reachable but also displays information regarding the speed and efficiency of data transmission between two points on a network.

Route Utility

The route utility allows the Windows CE user to change the values for the IP routing tables used to determine how information sent through a particular connection is routed through the network. It also allows the user to specify that output being sent through a particular connection be redirected to a debug port for testing or information gathering purposes.

IPv6tun Tool

The IPv6tun tool is a command-line tool used to configure security settings on a Windows CE network using IPv6. Specifically, this tool allows the user to define how a particular device accesses data on networks beyond its own firewall through a process referred to as tunnelling.

vxUtil for Windows CE

This is a third-party software package designed to provide a wide variety of network configuration tools for Windows CE users. It includes some common networking tools such as: DNS auditing, finger, ping and trace route. It is developed by the Cambridge Corp. and comes in both personal and corporate editions.

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