Window Grid Options

Updated April 17, 2017

Many newer homes feature windows and doors with multiple panes which gives them a certain charm. Although more contemporary homes feature windows without such panes, window grids can add interest, a certain beauty and curb appeal to your home. It is possible to add panes to your existing windows or you can purchase replacement windows with a variety of pane options. Your personal preference and the style of your home are your guides when adding window grids.

Existing Windows

An inexpensive option for adding window grids to your existing windows is to purchase a product to add your own grids. Grids made of lengths of PVC can be cut to your window dimensions. They are applied with adhesive fasteners or clips. The PVC is flexible and can be cut with scissors to design the window grid pattern that suits your taste.

Replacement Windows

Purchasing new windows gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of window grid options. Grids exist in varied patterns to complement any architectural style. Classic grid styles include colonial, prairie, craftsman or diamond patterns. You can choose wood-look grids in your choice of wood tones. Grids can also be painted in your choice of colours if you prefer. These grids are typically placed between the panes of the window for easy cleaning.

Removable wood or vinyl grids that snap in place are another option. These grids are for interior use and can be removed for window cleaning. They are secured with wood clips.

Replacement windows can also be purchased with permanent internal or external vinyl grids.

All of these grid types come in a variety of patterns and colours to coordinate with your home. They can be used with traditional windows and doors as well as with decorative style windows.

Decorative Glass Accents

These grids are constructed of brasstone grid bars. They can be designed in a pattern to complement your home's style. These grids are inserted between panes of glass to prevent problems from weathering and to make cleaning easier. Glass accents can also be added with the brasstone grid bars.

For homes that must comply with historical guidelines, the glass accents can be placed between the panes with wood grids placed on the exterior or interior.

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