Pens & Pencils to Help People With Dyslexia Write Better

Written by melody hughes | 13/05/2017
Pens & Pencils to Help People With Dyslexia Write Better
Handwriting may be very difficult for people with dyslexia. (boy writes to writing-books image by Stepanov from

People with dyslexia may have handwriting difficulties. They may hold their pencil or pen incorrectly or grip the pencil or pen so tightly that their hands cramp. Handwriting difficulties typically surface as early as kindergarten and may continue for many years and even into adulthood. Teaching those people with dyslexia cursive handwriting and using specialised pens and pencils may help to improve handwriting skills.

Pencil Frame

The most commonly used pencil frame comes along with the Scottish Rite's Dyslexia Training Program. The metal pencil frame helps dyslexic students hold a pencil correctly and relax the hand while writing. The pencil frame may be purchased separately from the program for about £6.

Pencil Grips

Pencil grips come in many different shapes and styles and can be added to any standard-size pencil. Individuals with dyslexia may need to try out several different pencil grips before finding one that helps them to write more fluidly. Pencils grips may be purchased at supermarkets, office supply stores or educational supply stores.

Weighted Pens and Pencils

Sometimes weighted pens or pencils help those who have handwriting difficulties. The extra weight of the pen or pencil allows the writer to use less force to write and also helps the writer to increase hand strength. Weighted pens and pencils may be ordered from speciality companies that sell adaptive equipment.

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