Karaoke Bars in Birmingham, UK

Written by jeff cooper | 13/05/2017
Karaoke Bars in Birmingham, UK
Birmingham's many karaoke bars give everyone a chance at the microphone. (microphone in red image by Oleg Kulakov from Fotolia.com)

The city of Birmingham has undergone massive redevelopment in the last few years, but one thing hasn't changed. The nightlife is as vibrant and varied as ever. So, whether you look on karaoke as simple fun, or a chance to show off your hidden talent, be assured you can find it being practised in Birmingham.

Pad Thai Restaurant and Karaoke Bar

The Pad Thai is notable for being a dedicated karaoke venue rather than just a bar that offers karaoke on some evenings. From around 10.30 p.m. onwards, the dining area becomes a karaoke lounge in which you can enjoy or endure original renditions of songs old and new and, if you feel the urge, share your own with fellow diners. Private rooms are also available for those preferring to share their talent only with close friends. Located in the heart of Birmingham's bar and club district, the Pad Thai is a popular location.

Pad Thai Restaurant and Karaoke Bar 86 Holloway Head Birmingham B1 1NB +44 (0)121-666-6669 padthai.co.uk


The Reflex chain, known for their 80s-themed bars, have a popular karaoke venue on Broad Street. Known as Youstar, the location offers bookable, soundproofed "pods" in which up to 12 people can perform and record a video of their performance on disc for posterity. Drinks are delivered to the pod so the inspiration will never run dry.

Reflex in Broad Street 36-37 Broad Street Birmingham, B1 2DY +44 (0)121-643-0444 reflexbars.co.uk

Karaoke Superstar at The Nightingale Club

Promoted as "The UK's Gay Superclub," the Nightingale, in Birmingham's Digbeth area just a few minutes from the city centre, is a straight-friendly club that injects a high level of professionalism into its Tuesday night karaoke evenings. Judged, competitive heats, and a final that sees the winner recording a track in a "top London studio" makes this venue the one to aim for if your karaoke ambitions extend beyond the occasional friendly warble.

Nightingale Club Essex House, Kent Street Digbeth Birmingham B5 6RD +44 (0)121-622-1718 nightingaleclub.co.uk

Hennessey's Bar

Hennessey's, as you may have suspected, is an Irish pub. Its central location makes it a popular and busy stopover for people seeking a quick pint or an evening's entertainment. Their lunchtime menu is famous throughout the city and their "Karaoke Sundays" attract plenty of would-be stars.

Hennesseys Bar 123 Digbeth High Street Birmingham B5 6DR +44(0)121-685-2225


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