Marble Polishing Chemicals

Written by aaron metzger | 13/05/2017
Marble Polishing Chemicals
Keep your marble counter in top condition by using the right polish on it. (Marble texture image by Viacheslav Anyakin from

Marble is a stone used in many homes as counter tops, floors, tile walls and other uses. In addition to its sought-after appearance, marble is also a delicate material that can stain or etch easily. However, with proper care, a polished marble surface can last a lifetime. Selecting the right marble polishing chemicals is the first step to accomplishing this goal.

Marblelife Marble Polish

Marblelife's Marble Polish is designed to restore gloss on marble surfaces, as well help remove any etching or ring marks. For use on counters and walls, but not floors, this marble polish helps to smooth and shine. While some minor etching may be restored with Marblelife, any actual levelling problems will not be fixed. Marblelife Intercare Cleaner is recommended to prepare marble surfaces being polished with Marblelife Marble Polish.

Marble Restoration Inc. Marble Polish and Protector

Marble Restoration Inc.'s Marble Polish and Protector is a professionally created formula designed to not only polish dull marble, but also to seal and protect from further harm. Like many marble polishers, this one is for use on counters, tables and walls, but not floors. In addition to marble, this polish has the added feature of being useful on granite, travertine and limestone.

MB Stone MB-11 Marble Polishing Powder

MB Stone's MB-11 Marble Polishing Powder is another professional product, designed to polish and repair acid etching on marble surfaces. MB-11 is specially formulated to require no power tools and can be used on any marble surface, as well as travertine and other calcite-based stones. This polish works best for spot work, instead of entire surfaces.

Weinman Granite Cleaner and Polish

Weinman's Granite Cleaner and Polish, despite its name, is a well known marble polish. Uniquely kosher, this product both cleans and polishes marble, removing harmful chemicals from the marble while also restoring its gloss. This polish can be used on any marble, granite counter-top, but is not for use on floors.

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