Job description & duties for school janitor

A school janitor ensures the safety of the school building and grounds by providing the school community with a clean building, properly working equipment and well-cared-for grounds. No formal education is required, but those with classes or degrees in building maintenance may qualify for higher-paying janitorial positions. As of June 2010, the annual salary for school janitors, based on years of experience, was £12,752 to £31,294, according to

Maintaining and Cleaning the School

Each school day, the school janitor cleans the classrooms after students go home. He vacuums, sweeps and mops the floors and washes the black- or whiteboards so they're ready for the next day. The janitor cleans all the bathrooms, administrative offices and staff rooms by dusting, vacuuming, mopping and washing surfaces. During holidays and summer vacation, the school janitor performs bigger maintenance jobs such as polishing floors and painting walls. By keeping the school environment clean, the janitor helps to decrease the spread of germs and provides a healthy environment for students and staff members.

Repairs and Building Safety

The janitor is responsible for building safety. The hallways and classrooms must always be in safe condition so no one is hurt walking from class to class. If carpet buckles or floor tiles come loose, the janitor will repair them so no one trips and falls. The janitor also makes sure the equipment, such as overhead projectors, used by teachers and students is in good repair. If any equipment or systems in the building, such as heating and cooling systems, are not working and the janitor cannot fix them, she schedules a repair person to come and make the repair.

Caring for the School Grounds

School grounds must be well-cared-for provide students and staff with a safe, inviting outdoor area in which to learn and play. The janitor mows the lawn, picks up litter and trims bushes or trees that obstruct pathways. A school janitor checks playground equipment regularly to make sure it's working properly and doesn't have any loose hardware that could hurt a child. In winter, the janitor may have to report to work early to remove snow and ice from sidewalks and car parks before staff and students arrive.

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