Curtain ideas for large windows

Updated April 17, 2017

Having an entire home or even just one room with large windows is beneficial for multiple reasons. Large windows are great for adding space to small rooms or showing off a great view outside. They also tend to save the homeowner money, since the extra light coming into the room cuts down on the amount of lighting electricity used. Find out how to best show off your large windows through the use of appropriate and dramatically aesthetic window curtain treatments.

Living Room

Large windows in the living room have the great ability to be dramatic. The large size of the window can typically accommodate long, flowing curtains with an air of both drama and beauty. Fabrics such as silk, velvet, satin and taffeta are all classic options for elegance and flair. If you are interested in trying something a little less conventional, though, you may find beaded curtains are the option for you. Make your own strings of beaded curtains using beads, crystals or bone pieces or simply buy from a local home decor store. Curtains can also be used to hide flaws in architecture as well. For instance, some windows or the walls surrounding them may be slightly crooked or "off." Although most visitors to your home probably won't notice, you can cover up these flaws with curtains for your own peace of mind.


In the bedroom, make use of curtains that add to the coziness of the room. Large windows in the bedroom, although attractive to look at, can let in a lot of sunlight during hours when some people need to be sleeping. The best option in this case is to go for window treatments made to block out sunlight. These can be purchased at stores like Target and Walmart and other stores carrying home decor If you're not as concerned with the light factor but care most about the look, floor length curtains made of satin or lace will give your bedroom a romantic and delicate appearance. Red is a popular colour choice for bedroom curtains as it gives a passionately romantic look while adding to the positive flow of energy throughout the room, according to feng shui principles.

Bay Windows

When choosing curtains for naturally large bay windows, find a style that accentuates the look of the bay windows both inside and out. Window treatments like valances offer an excellent look inside the home, while also framing the window nicely from an outside view. If the windows open up to a street or a road, you can use a double-sided curtain so both sides look presentable. You can also make use of curtain holders or tiebacks to enhance the curtain's look; tiebacks are used to gather up the curtains when they are not pulled closed. If your home has a more beach-oriented theme, you may also enjoy the look of gauzy, semisheer white or linen curtains. These look beautiful when an open breeze hits them and gives an oceanside "cabin" feel, while still accentuating your window size.

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