LDS Singles Adult Activities

Updated July 20, 2017

Activities for single adult wards in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) can create friendships between members, help members be a positive force in their community and encourage less active members to become more active.

Host a Party

Host a LDS-themed party to help relieve tension from the workday and encourage members to become better acquainted. Provide beverages and snacks for the guests. Include LDS-related activities. For example, have everyone choose their favourite story from the Book of Mormon or the Bibles and have them discuss how the story might occur in a modern context. Sing songs from the hymn book. At the end of the night, have all guests sit around in a circle and give their testimony.

Choose a Service Project

Find a community service project within your neighbourhood that members of the local single adult ward can work on together. For example, if you know an elderly couple, the ward can perform housekeeping duties one afternoon, such as mowing the lawn, dusting the house and mopping the floors. Alternatively, you can contact a local soup kitchen and volunteer the ward's services. A community service project gives members a chance to share each others company while also bettering the community they live in.

Arrange a Camping Trip

For a camping trip, members bring their camping equipment, such as tents and sleeping bags, and everyone sets up camp together. The trip can be held at an actual camp site, at a beach or in a large park or field. All members of the single adult ward should help each other with their camping equipment. After, the members can play games, tell stories from the Book of Mormon around a campfire and prepare dinner together. The camping trip allows members to become comfortable depending on each other, while also providing the opportunity to have fun.

Host a Potluck

At a single adult potluck, members each bring a different food dish to share with the rest of the group. You can choose a theme, such as seafood or international foods, or simply have each person bring a dish of their choice. Create a sign-up sheet to avoid duplicate items. Also, remember to have someone bring the utensils, napkins and beverages. At the single adult ward potluck, have everyone contribute to the prayer at the beginning of the potluck, and the clean-up at the end. This will teach the ward the value of community.

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