Small Rock Garden Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

There are as many different styles of rock gardens as there are traditional gardens. Rocks add more depth and even colour to your garden. Adding rocks changes the shape and entire focal point of your landscape. You can use rocks to mimic mountain landscapes or simply use them to add more depth to your garden.

Small Pebble Rock Garden

A small pebble rock garden features your favourite plants and small rocks and pebbles rather than large heavy rocks. Plant your flowers, shrubs and herbs in a corner of your yard, and place small blue, tan and white pebbles or rocks to cover up the dirt. The flowers and other plants will look as though they are growing out of the rocks. Don't worry about watering, because water easily seeps through the rocks and into the dirt. Pluck weeds when they spring up from the rocks.

Mountain Landscape Simulation

A mountain landscape rock garden simulates what you might see on a real mountain landscape. Use extra dirt to create rolling hills. Place large rocks in various places in the dirt. Plant grass seed after the rocks are wedged firmly in the dirt. Plant moss and different types of grasses to create a patchwork effect. To complete the look, plant daisies, buttercups and other flowers in various places.

Painted Rocks

If you want more colour, paint butterflies, lady birds and other flowers on fist-size rocks. You can also paint the rocks solid colours such as purple, red or yellow. You can even create a rainbow pattern and cover every square inch of dirt to create even more drama. If you want a less dramatic effect, create a circular rock border around each plant in your garden.

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