Small Back Garden Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have space in your backyard, consider creating a small garden. There are a variety of gardens you can put together--and some of them do not require you grow anything. Use your creativity and make use of your space. Think about your goals for your garden. If you want fresh vegetables, grow a tomato garden. If you want a bird-watching respite, create a bird sanctuary. If you want a place to think and reflect, build a rock garden.

Bird Sanctuary

Create a bird sanctuary in a small corner of your garden. To do this, set up a pedestal bird bath and fill it with water. Plant a small, bushy tree and hang homemade seed balls on some of the branches. To make seed balls, mix together 3 cups of yellow corn meal, 2/3 cup bacon grease, 1/2 cup jam, 1/3 cup peanut butter, 1/2 honey and 2/3 cup raisins. Place in a mesh bag and hang it on a tree branch.

Potted Vegetable Garden

If you already have a flower garden but would like to experiment with vegetable gardening, then consider easing into it with a small, potted vegetable garden. Buy stepping stones and lay them on the ground curving through your flower garden. Place brightly coloured ceramic pots on the stepping stones. In each pot, plant a vegetable that can grow in a pot. Some ideas include tomatoes, green onions and a variety of herbs.

Rock Garden

Create a serene rock garden for reflection. The rocks should appear natural, advises Better Homes and Gardens magazine, so choose rocks that are all of the same type and "position them so they look as if they were arranged by nature's hand, not yours." Lay down the largest rocks first, and then add other rocks beneath and around the large rocks for balance. Bury some of the rocks partially for an authentic look. Consider your climate when choosing rocks. Some work better than others in certain conditions. For example, nonporous rocks such as basalt, granite and marble work better in desert climates than do porous rocks limestone, sandstone and shale, according to the magazine.

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