Games to improve communication skills

Updated April 17, 2017

Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages through a medium. It takes place every day in radio, TV, the print media and in countless other situations. Good communication is essential for a productive, enjoyable and rewarding workplace. One way to teach communication skills on the job is to use games. Games are an effective educational method that provides a safe environment for trial and error, where employees can feel comfortable learning by their mistakes.

Challenge Course

Create a challenge course using ordinary objects like chairs, trash cans and stairs. Separate into pairs. Blindfold one member of the pair and allow the other to use sight. The object is for those with sight to guide their partner through the obstacle course using only words. Ask team members after the exercise to give their perspectives on the role verbal communication played in finishing the course.

Human Drawing

Use the Human Drawing Game to improve listening and communication. Nominate someone to be verbal leader, who will be out of sight of the team. Give the leader index cards with shapes on them one card at a time. Have the leader explain how to form each shape to team members, who can't ask questions but may talk to one another. Once the team forms the shape, the leader moves on to the next card. Use the game to develop effective listening in a team and verbal communication in a leader.


Use a simple puzzle that only take a few minutes to complete to illustrate team communication and teamwork. Use a puzzle that makes a picture or use word puzzles or riddles. Allow the team enough time to complete the puzzle together without giving them any direction. Let them communicate among themselves as they try to complete the puzzle. Afterward, talk about what they learnt about leadership, team communication and team unity. Discuss the importance of leadership and listening to the leader, common goals and direction, and the need for organizational communication.

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