Pondless Stream Water Features

Written by damien campbell | 13/05/2017
Pondless Stream Water Features
There are many ways to make a pondless water feature. (Water Fountain in stone image by Gramper from Fotolia.com)

Water features can add a soothing element to your home garden. If you want to add a water feature with running water to your garden, but lack the space or time to construct a pond, there are multiple ways to enhance your garden environment by adding a pondless stream water feature.

Pondless Stream Water Feature Kits

If time is a factor, there are several ready-made stream water feature kits available for purchase at most landscaping or home and garden shops. These kits are usually sold as a complete package that includes pumps, synthetic or natural rocks, and a water reservoir, making installation a simple process. They are lightweight when not filled, and they can be easily relocated. The only limitations of pre-fabricated kits are on the size and styles available for your garden.

Custom Designed Pondless Stream Water Features

If time and a little labour are of no concern, then designing and installing your own pondless stream water feature can be a rewarding experience. Once the basic elements of pump, water reservoir and tubing are acquired, the size, shape and details are up to you. Whether you install a simple, geometric waterfall in a day or incorporate natural gradients of your garden into the design of a natural-looking stream over a season, the time, effort and results are up to you.

Contracted Pondless Stream Water Features

The best way to achieve a natural-looking pondless stream water feature in your garden is by hiring an experienced professional to consult in the design and installation. Many landscaping companies offer special services that include installing a pondless stream water feature. This option makes for quick, professional installation in your garden area though it is usually the most expensive option.

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