How to Refill Miracle Gro Liquafeed Bottles

Flower image by Laur from

For many gardeners, nothing beats the beautiful flowering treasures and succulent vegetables that they care for throughout the growing season. One way to ensure that their gardens produce a beautiful array of abundant flowers and tasty vegetables is by properly fertilising the plants. The Miracle-Gro fertilising system allows gardeners to fertilise and water their plants simultaneously. One positive aspect of the Miracle-Gro system is that the product is available in refill packages that are able to be used as needed.

Attach the garden hose to the outside water spigot and tighten to prevent water loss.

Attach the Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed sprayer to the open end of the garden hose and tighten.

Remove the lid from the fertiliser refill bottle and attach to the liquid fertiliser sprayer. Be sure to thread the bottle into the feeder tightly in order to prevent the fertiliser from leaking out around the sprayer.

Turn on the water spigot. Using a side to side sweeping motion, apply the fertiliser to the desired garden area, ensuring coverage of all plants.

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