Children's Activities for Mark 10:46-52

Updated July 18, 2017

Mark 10:46-52 tells the story of Blind Bartimaeus, who sat on the roadside by the city of Jericho each day to beg for food or money. When he heard that Jesus was near, Bartimaeus called out Jesus' name, asking for mercy. Jesus simply told the man that his faith had healed him, and the blind man was healed. Children can learn about blindness, kindness, and Jesus' love with Bible activities about this story.

"Ask Jesus" Prayer Journal

Give each child several pieces of plain paper, stapled together. Let them decorate the first page, printing the words "Ask Jesus." Encourage children to use their prayer journals every day to write things they have prayed about. Also encourage children to look back at their journals often and note how Jesus answered the prayer.

Blindfold Games

Let children experience being blind. Blindfold one child at a time to play "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," tag, or attempt to hit a target with beanbags. Try blindfolding several children at a time and have them find their way around a safe area, but adding some soft obstacles. They will, of course, also bump into one another.

Bartimaeus Puppet Story

Provide reproduced pictures of Bartimaeus, Jesus, Jesus' followers and a crowd of people. Children may colour the figures with crayons or markers. Tape a craft stick to the bottom edge of each figure. Have the children take turns retelling the story with their puppets.

Flip-Around Mask

Help children cut eyes from one side of a paper bag, fitting the bag and eyes to the child's head. Children will draw a picture of Bartimaeus's face on each side of the bag. One side will have the eyes cut out and the other side will simply have the eyes drawn on the face. When the children wear their masks, they can flip the face from the blind side to the "seeing" side.

Follow Jesus- Mobile

Have each child trace and cut out several of their own footprints from construction paper. Tape a length of string to each footprint for one child. Tie the loose end of each footprint onto a plastic clothes hanger. Have the kids write "follow Jesus" on at least one of the footprints. Kids may illustrate the story on other footprints, or write prayers, or write a Bible verse.

Kindness Coupons

Jesus showed kindness to the blind man in this Bible story. Give each child several index cards or slips of paper. Have the kids write or draw things they can do to be kind. Older children can create a kindness coupon book for each of several people, such as parents, neighbours, and friends.

Follow Jesus, the Kind Leader

Start a kindness parade. Lead the children around the church building. Straighten up a messy area, give handmade flowers to adults, stop into another classroom and give each person a hug, or find other activities promoting kindness to others.

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