List of names of some beautiful perennial flowers

Updated February 21, 2017

Beautiful perennial flowers add colour and kerbside appeal to any garden or home. Perennials live year after year with no need to replant each spring like annuals. With thousands of different perennials featuring an almost endless bounty of colour, size, shape, and smells, it sometimes seems impossible to only pick a few or more to plant in the garden.


The peony plants provide a stunning show of white, pink, or red flowers. These fragrant blooms are easy to care for and will provide beautiful, bright colour situated nicely in any entryway or garden bed. The peony plant loves full sun except in areas with extreme high heat, then partial shade is best. This stunning plant thrives in fertile, moist, well-drained soil.


The candytuft perennial plant provides the home or garden with mounding bunches of pink, lavender, or ice-white flowers. The blooms of the candytuft can be enjoyed from spring to late summer. Only growing up to 45 cm (18 inches) in height, the candytuft plant is an excellent walkway or border perennial. Candytuft thrives in full sun with sandy, well-drained soil. To prevent the plant from becoming woody, the spent blooms of candytuft should be cut away.

Perennial hibiscus

The perennial hibiscus plant features long-lasting, delicate blooms in colours ranging from lavender, red, pink, and also many primary coloured shades. With big, showy blooms and varieties that can grow up to 2.4 cm (8 feet) in height, the perennial hibiscus demands at least 6 hours of sun per day and well-drained soil. The perennial hibiscus needs lots of water to thrive in hot conditions. The crepe paper-like flowers on the perennial hibiscus are sought after by gardeners for their multicolour variations, showy darker coloured veining on the petals, and their 30 to 45 cm (12 to 18 inch) diameter flowers.

The Knock Out rose

The family of Knock Out Roses, bred by Bill Radler, is fast becoming a gardener favourite due to its long-lasting bloom period from spring until frost, easy maintenance, and stunning colours. This variety of rose is the best perennial for disease resistance among the family of roses. This family of Knock Out roses differ from other rose varieties in that there is no deadheading required, which results in a truly self-cleaning plant. The Knock Out rose can grow up to 1.2 m (4 feet) in height in full to partial sun. This stunning perennial will delight any gardener with its bright pink, red, buttercup yellow, and even rainbow-coloured variations.

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