Net Curtain Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Like sheer curtains, net panels let light shine through and give a dreamy or whimsical dimension to any room you put them in. Often they are less expensive than other types of window treatments, which makes them an ideal choice for experimentation. Choose solid netting, or netting with patterns and you will have an easy-to-use fabric ready for any room of your house.

Fairy tale Window Treatment

Netting can easily be bunched and manipulated to create ruffles and ruching, and it's easily dyeable, which makes it a good choice for a little girl's room. Soak two panels of net curtains in a fabric dye colour of your choosing. Once they have reached the ideal colour and have dried, hang them on the curtain rod, and pull each side back into a holdback on either side. Pull the top draping down to create a soft U shape, and then twist end over the hold back to create ruffles. Tie a ribbon around each side ruffle and your look is complete. You can create a similar feel with by using the netting as a valance at the top of your window. Just drape it over curtain brackets on either side of the top of your window. Pull down the centre to a soft U-shape so that equal lengths of fabric hang evenly over the sides of your window.

Bed Canopy

Netting is used in tropical locales over beds to keep mosquitoes from coming in, but it also gives a very soft, romantic feel. You can have the same effect in your own bedroom by. Attach the net curtains through curtain rings around a large suspension hoop. The hoop can then be attached to the ceiling, so that the curtain opens at the front of the bed. Drape it softly over your bedding, or open it entirely so that it hangs on either side of your bed.

Shower Curtain

Use one or two net curtain panels on your shower rod for a modern, minimalist look. You can style it as a window treatment, with two curtain holdbacks on either side to create draping, or you can leave it closed à la those Hollywood's sexy shower scenes. The fabric curtains should be for decorative purposes, as they can hold mould and mildew and will let water through onto the floor. For functionality sake, you will want to have a plastic curtain to come between the shower and your netting.

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