Ideas for Men's Curtains

Updated April 17, 2017

When decorating a man's room or a whole bachelor pad, choosing the right curtains can be challenging. Many types give a feminine look, which most men prefer to avoid. Steer clear of lace and ruffled fabrics. Pastels and fluorescents tend give a room a feminine flavour as well, as does anything pink or purple. Curtains made of cotton blends or woven materials, on the other hand, can be masculine and decorative at the same time. Men's curtains are usually more utilitarian than decorative, but the right ones can be functional and enhance a room's decor


Metallic materials are making a fashion comeback. The trend is to use metallic drapes, such as silver, bronze, copper, or gold, and layer them over sheer curtains. This allows light to come into the room through the sheers while hindering a clear view from the outside. The drapes can be drawn for total privacy. The colour you choose should coordinate with some of the colours in the carpeting or furniture for an organised and stylish look. This ensemble is appropriate for the bedroom and more formal areas throughout the home, such as a living room or den.


For a simple, masculine look, use curtains in any shade of brown or tan. They coordinate with nearly any pattern, texture, or colour. Jewel tones and darker neutral colours add sophistication and an air of luxury. These rich colours, like slate, deep turquoise, burgundy, charcoal, and emerald green, blend well with metallics. Try using brushed nickel or platinum finials, trims, and tiebacks. Deeper colours also work well layered over coloured aluminium blinds.


Part of what makes a curtain look masculine is the pattern. Choose larger geometric designs rather than small, dainty ones. Bold contrasting prints, like paisleys, stripes, and plaids, also have a masculine flavour. Use plain curtains when there are bold patterns elsewhere in the room to avoid clashing or creating a busy look.

Curtain Rods

Hanging curtains brings up the question of what rods to use when the hardware is exposed. Metal curtain rods, such as stainless steel, bring a clean yet sturdy look to the room. Paired with stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, these curtain rods give window treatments a clean look. The rods can also be coordinated with furniture and accents when used in other rooms. Matching accessories might include standing lamps, metal picture frames, and glass tables with metal legs.

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