Small kitchen layout ideas

Remember that a small kitchen is not necessarily a bad kitchen, because the one thing you want above all else from this room is efficiency. Of course, even small kitchens can be designed inefficiently, so don't automatically assume that you have no problems there just because your kitchen isn't spacious. If you have the chance to design your kitchen within a limited amount of space, you can take steps to make sure you have the most efficient layout possible.

Single Line Layout

The single line layout is sometimes the only possible answer in severely limited space. This layout lines up every appliance as well as all storage space along one wall. You can increase the space available for what you really need in your kitchen by choosing a single small sink basin over a double sink or by going with a mini-refrigerator instead of a full-sized model.


The galley layout is ideal for small spaces and has the potential to be one of the most efficient kitchen designs possible. A galley kitchen is characterised by its long, narrow space contained within parallel walls. Appliances are usually located right next to each in a line down the long space. The inefficiency of the galley layout for even a very small kitchen is when the sink and refrigerator are on opposite sides. According to "Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen Idea File," the ideal galley kitchen layout will have refrigerator and sink on one side with your stove and oven centred between them on the other side to create maximum efficiency.

Circular Layout

"The Complete Home Style Book" recommends a creative way to utilise space as small as 9.5 feet in diameter while also creating an efficient and striking kitchen layout. If you have the ability to design your own kitchen, consider utilising limited space by creating a circular layout that places you in the centre of the action regardless of the workspace you are currently attending. Curved lower cabinets complete the look of this almost futuristic design.


A mini-kitchen is a small kitchen that can be added to a game room or home movie theatre. This scaled-down version of a kitchen should take advantage of the space you have left in the room you choose when it comes to layout. A bare wall means going with the single line layout, but if the room is large enough you could make a mini-kitchen using the traditional U-shape layout. Equip a mini-kitchen with a mini-refrigerator, small sink and a microwave instead of a stove. Design counter space and cabinetry based on the kind of items you usually eat when playing games or watching movies.

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