Flowers That Grow in England

Updated April 17, 2017

The rose is one of the national emblems of England -- a fitting symbol, since you don't have to go very far to find an abundance of beautiful flowers in England. Flowers grow in the many gardens cultivated in English cities and towns, and grow naturally in fields, ditches and meadows.

English Daisy

The English daisy has white, red or pink petals and an orange centre. Because they are actually a form of weed, these flowers can often grow in ditches or along the roadside.

Wild Pansy

The petals of the wild pansy come in yellow, white, purple and blue. Often found growing in fields and farms around England, the wild pansy generally flowers from May until September. The wild pansy has served for centuries as an herbal supplement to treat asthma and skin diseases.


These small, beautiful flowers are pale blue and reach a height of about 6 inches. They grow bountifully in the fields and gardens of England.

Corn Cockle

The corn cockle is slight, attractive flower abundant in wheat fields, along railroad lines and in ditches around Great Britain. It can grow to about 3 feet tall, and has long, broad pink or purple petals.


A beautiful pale blue flower that occasionally comes in pink, white, or purple, the harebell grows in dry soil, mostly in meadows and grasslands.

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