Conservatory Cleaning Tools

Conservatories tend to look very nice when they're new, but they need a lot of upkeep to stay sparkling fresh and squeaky clean. In order to keep your conservatory clean and the windows bright, there are a number of different tools that you may need for both the inside and the outside.

Water Pole

One of the unique tools that's used to keep conservatories clean is called a water pole. This tool is fairly simply to operate; it's really nothing more than a long pole with a water hose attached to it. The control for the water hose is on the bottom of the pole near the user's hands. This allows the user to wet down higher windows on a conservatory without risking any glass breaking due to high pressure, but it also allows the cleaner to avoid the use of a ladder. Some water poles have the hose actually inside the pole as well, rather than outside of it.

Glass Cleaner

One of the most important tools for keeping a conservatory clean is glass cleaner. Whether it's chemical or natural, glass cleaner is necessary for making sure that all the windows in the conservatory are bright and shiny and free of streaks. You may need to buy glass cleaner bottles that have extensions on them, or which hook into a garden hose so that you can spray the cleaner onto higher-up windows on the conservatory. The other option is of course climbing up on a ladder to clean the windows, which can be hazardous and awkward.

Power Washer

A power washer is a useful tool for cleaning parts of a conservatory that aren't made of glass. The roof is a good example, since the high-pressure streams of water can easily push debris off of the roof, while the water trickling down the side won't harm the glass. If a conservatory's stone floor has dirt stains, or if the walls are dirty then a power washer will clean out the pores and wash the dirt out. Power washers work very well on stone, brick and concrete because the pressure of the water gets down into the pores and washes out stains that can make conservatories look dingy no matter how bright the light is.

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