How Can a Teenager Make Money at Home?

Updated July 05, 2018

According to the United States Department of Labor, teens age 14 and over can work outside the home. However, the types of jobs and number of hours they can work are restricted. Also, parents may not be available to drive their teens back and forth to work. Fortunately, teenagers do have some options if they are willing to work at home and have permission to do so.

Provide an hour of story time for younger children. Charge £1.30 per child and offer the service once a week out of your own living room. Make the living room kid friendly and borrow several children's books from the library. Parents can either drop their children off and come back, or stay and listen. If you have 10 children, you just made £13. Advertise by handing out flyers at your local library or by posting them in grocery stores, paediatrician offices or day care centres.

Take a babysitting course and offer to babysit for friends of the family in your home. Parents may want to do some grocery shopping without their children. They could drop the children off at your home and pick them up when the shopping is finished. Decide how much you want to charge per hour. Start off small and charge more as you build a good reputation. It's also wise to obtain a CPR and first aid certificate.

Create and sell your own product. Take inventory of your special skills. If you like to create jewellery, make a few extra pieces to sell to your friends. If you're really good at baking, sell treats. Web-designing services, painting and sewing doll clothes are all options if you have the know-how. Take orders over the phone and arrange a pickup schedule.

Tutor students for an hour or two over the weekend. Tutoring isn't just about book work; you can also tutor a child in music, art, dance or sports -- any area in which you have a particular expertise.


You can always make money by asking your parents to pay you to do extra jobs around the house, such as cleaning the gutters or organising the garage.

Things You'll Need

  • Babysitting course
  • CPR certification
  • First aid certification
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