Floral Display Ideas

Written by aya pauli | 13/05/2017
Floral Display Ideas
From baskets to bowls, there are many ways to display flowers. (pannier de fleurs image by fotogisèle from Fotolia.com)

Basket, bowl or bucket, there are many ways to display flowers. Fresh, dried or fake, there are many varieties of flowers to display. The key to creating attractive floral displays is to keep the arrangement balanced, interesting and complementary to the container. For the best results, use a touch of the unusual and unexpected that will catch the eye, such as a bucket instead of a vase or cranberry filler instead of decorative stones.

Funky Daisies

Combine colourful daisies and a hand-painted metal bucket for a low-cost floral display with a funky style. Any cheerful painted design can work, such as a green bucket with yellow and pink dots. A large and unruly bouquet consisting of wild white daisies, wild yellow daisies, pussy willow branches, decorative grass and dried lavender provides a bold design to help balance out the bucket's bold pattern.

Harvest Decoration

Use a cleaned pumpkin instead of a vase for a floral display with a harvest theme. The hollowed-out pumpkin can remain plain for a rustic look or you can paint decorations across the gourd for a fancy look. An unpainted pumpkin with a spiky bouquet consisting of dried wheat, leafy branches and dried wildflowers provides an earthy display. A glittery white pumpkin with a rounded bouquet consisting of white roses and ivy provides a fancy display.

Modern Rose Bouquet

A red rose bouquet in a glass vase is a popular floral display with a classic style. However, classic can sometimes also mean outdated. Try an angular vase and additional flowers to give the arrangement a modern style. Large, round, black decorative stones fill a thick, tall, rectangular, clear glass vase to provide a modern base for the flowers. A fluted bouquet consisting of red roses, red rosebuds, black rosebuds, ferns, ivy and baby's breath creates a dramatic display.

Tropical Centerpiece

Create a tropical centrepiece for a birthday party, baby shower or wedding with an unusual mix of fruit and exotic flowers. A foam disc secured to the bottom of a large, round, semi-transparent glass bowl provides a base for the display. A tall and thin bouquet consisting of a single bird of paradise surrounded by white orchids, yellow orchids and ferns sticks up from the foam. Green grapes and a little water fill the remaining bowl space to secure the flowers in place and cover the foam.

Sunflower Basket

Purchase several silk sunflowers from your local craft store to turn a plain basket into a decorative floral display for a coffee or dining table. The display base consists of a round basket with a sunflower-patterned ribbon tied into a bow on the front. The bouquet consists of small sunflowers sticking up from a foam disc covered in dried craft moss. The flower-filled disc sits in the basket and additional moss secures it in place to create an earthy sunflower decoration.

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